Our Philosophy

about us our philosophyOur clients are important to us, which is why we have developed a philosophy to guide us when we are providing our solutions.  This is what is important to us and how we approach every job we do.

Systematic Web Development

We've built hundreds of websites.  We know what works and what doesn't and we've combined our knowledge and experience to come up with a robust, procedural system for developing web sites, web design and web content.

We follow this system for each web based project we undertake because it works.

Our system minimises the chance for error.  It is quality controlled from beginning to end and ensures that we provide the solutions you need.

This is how we work.

1.  Getting to Know You

We take the time to find out exactly what you want to achieve with your website, what your aims are, what your problems are and how we can create the best solution for you.  We NEVER rush this stage; for us, this is the most crucial stage of the project.  We can only develop a solution if we fully understand you needs.

2.  Devise an Intelligent Web Development Plan

Once we know what you want to achieve we will develop the best solution to meet your needs; a solution that won't just work today, but is future-proof too, as far as is humanly possible!  We don't just create good-looking sites; although our sites do look good!  We create sites that have the functionality you require and that meet your needs in terms of accessibility and usability.  Again we talk with you every step of the way, ensuring your site has the flexibility and functionality you need.

3.  Compose a Meticulous Information Architecture Structure

Information is the heart of the internet today, and a well-thought out, well-designed information architecture ensures that the content of your site is organised as it should be.

By designing detailed information architecture, we ensure that your site is easy to find, easily optimized, easy to use (both for the visitor and back-end users) and easy to expand. 


Now, we start to build your website!


4.  Produce Templates That Actually Meet Your Needs!

Now we put everything we've learned in Steps 1 to 3 into operation and start to develop templates for your site.  We build now so that your site is robust, intelligently organised and will meet the accessibility and usability needs of your users.   To see how we do this, visit our section explaining our approach to website design.

5.  Save You Money and Bring You the Best of the Web with Open Source

We LOVE open source and we use it in all our projects!  Why? We love open source technologies because they are the best on the web and currently power around 90% of all websites in the world.  Plus they are free, no licences, no fees and they are easy to update and are very adaptable. We will use open source technologies for every part of your site.

Open Source Technologies give you the power of hundreds of thousands of developers constantly working on security and ensuring that the software is up to date and functioning.  You don't have to wait for upgrades to be released as you do with Microsoft; open source is updated daily.  Joomla! is proud that no security hole has been left on their system for longer than a day from first being discovered.  

Online security is a big issue, with even large companies such as American Express and Global Payments being hacked, you cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to site security.  This is why we also offer our customers a website maintenance service to keep your data secure.

6.  Hand-over of Completed Site

Once we and you are happy with your site we hand it over to you, but first we make sure you know how to use it, how to control it and how to maintain it.  We show you how to use the open source technologies and the Content Management Systems we have installed so you can fully control your site.  If you prefer, however, we do also offer a website maintenance and web content management service but we always ensure our clients can run their sites themselves without having to pay for IT support costs.


This is our philosophy. This is how we work.