Our Procedure

Web Design ProcedureWe don't do a one-size fits all method of website design or web content.  Instead, we work with you to help you to achieve the best website design, the right content and the perfect online marketing plan to suit your needs. 

Because of this, the way we work with each client is also unique.  However, we generally follow the same procedure to make sure we deliver what you want. 

1. Initial Consultation

Either by email, Skype, by phone.  We will talk to you to find out what you want to achieve.  Whether you need a new website building, a website re-design, new content, new features, whether you want your website analyzed or need some help with your online marketing; we talk to you to find out exactly what it is you want us to do for you. 

2. Conceptualization of Your Solution

We provide you with our solution; how we would set about meeting your unique business needs and an estimate of our fees.  In doing so we follow the following routine:

3. Flowcharts

We use flowcharts to map out what you want to achieve with your website or your marketing plan.

For websites we look at:

  • How the information will be organised
  • How your site will be used
  • How much content you will need.

We then move onto: 

4. Modelling

We create mock-ups for each web page so you can see what they will look like and we can finalize, with you such items as the position of your logo, menu items, graphic positioning etc. Our models are based on the information we have gained from you.

Once we get the go ahead from you, we will go ahead and design and build your site.

5. We Design Your Website

We deliver your website templates and designs, graphic design work samples, first draft content or an online marketing plan etc to you for your approval. 

When designing your website we ensure that it not only meets your needs but that it also meets what is known in the trade as the Five Basic Elements of Professional Web Design. As professional website developers and designers, we see too many badly designed sites; our aim is to give you a professional site.

Your site then will be:

  • Balanced:  Have an equal distribution of heavy and light design elements on each page.
  • Unified:  Have the same look throughout.
  • Emphasized:  Make use of 'focal' points to draw the eye to the content you want your visitors to notice.
  • Contrasting:  Make use of negative (white) space, colours, graphics, text sizes and fonts to make it appealing to the eye without being overly-fussy. 
  • Rhythmic:  Provide enough similarities between pages to keep your design unique and consistent.

We follow these do's and don'ts when designing websites:

  • We Do Ensure It Is Usable.
    By usable we mean that people can use it quickly, easily and efficiently to achieve what they set out to do.  It sounds easy; it isn't, but it is what sets a professionally designed website apart from other websites.

  • We DON'T Pack Our Sites With Flash Or Sound Effects.
    They are not cool!  They put visitors off in a big way! We also try to avoid using JavaScript where possible as this can affect search engine optimisation and not all browsers support JavaScript. 

  • We Do Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). We Don't Use Tables.
    Tables are not professional.  CSS is. Tables are clunky and slow down your website.  CSS load faster, are easier to update and change and with CSS you can place anything anywhere.

  • We Do Ensure Your Site Is XHTML And CSS Validated By W3.Org

    • Validated sites are accessible.
    • Validated sites are compatible across different browsers – ensuring you don't miss out on a single visitor.
    • Validated sites look more professional.
  • We Do Optimise Your Site.
    We use clean code, compress image sizes and ensure your site is validated.

  • We Do Ensure Your Site is Standards Compliant.
    We make sure that your site meets the standards set down by the World Wide Web Consortium.

  • We Do Make it Search Engine Friendly.
    We do everything we can to make your site SEO friendly.  We don't use frames or Flash, we use CSS and ensure we add ALT tags for images, and ensure no text is inside of images.  If you are using our SEO service we also ensure that researched keywords are in your content, your anchor text and your title tags.
  • We Do Provide Interesting, Unique, Well-Written Content
    If you have opted for us to provide web content then you will get unique, interesting, easy-to-read, informative, correctly spelled and grammatically correct content.  We don't farm out content to content mills; all content is written by experienced, qualified copywriters.

  • We Do Collaborate Professionally
    We use team management and project collaboration tools to ensure that everyone working on your website has the information they need and knows what tasks they need to do.

  • We Do The Work, Brilliantly.
    We are experts at what we do.  We love what we do and we always provide the best service we can.

  • You Are A Happy Customer!
    Who refers us to their friends and colleagues and gives us a great testimonial!