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on Monday, 03 September 2012
in Online Marketing

Most UK Companies Unhappy with their Marketing

Marketing agencies around the UK provide a wide range of advertising and promotional services to help UK businesses to gain media exposure and drive lead generation programs. However according to a survey of UK businesses, 76% of UK businesses are unsatisfied with their marketing campaigns (either due to results not meeting their expectations, or campaigns being unsuccessful).

Of the 1500 UK companies surveyed, many businesses feel that they are not getting the best results from their marketing campaigns. The highest proportion of unsatisfied businesses on the survey (42%) were companies spending over £2 million a year on advertising and promotion.

Anne Richards (who works with Marketing Quotes) commented 'larger companies that are spending more do not feel they are getting the best returns on their marketing spend. The larger businesses mainly use TV advertising, sponsorship and direct marketing campaigns; feedback is that the sales are either decreasing or staying level (rather than increasing as a result of the marketing campaigns). The feedback from marketing companies on this, is that the recession is causing buyers to either shop around or not spend; however to stop spending on marketing would be ill advised. Marketing is like spreading seeds, however if the ground is dry (as it can be during a recession) then returns will be low.'

PPC Advertising Major Investment

Of the 1500 UK companies surveyed by Marketing Quotes, the remaining 32% were SME companies that were spending less than £2 million a year on marketing and promotion. The kinds of marketing being used was mainly PPC advertising on search engines, and telemarketing. Other forms of marketing (such as e-marketing and direct mail are also popular) and feedback is that many SME companies are seeing lower returns on their marketing campaigns, calling into question either the marketing being right, or the marketing agency being effective in generating results

Anne Richards added 'many SME companies that use PPC advertising find that a high proportion of their monthly advertising spend is going on clicks from students and competitors. Unfortunately search engines charge per click for PPC advertising, whether that click comes from a genuine enquiry, or from a child looking for something online that is unrelated. For telemarketing, many businesses are finding that the day rates they are being charged do not warrant the business being generated.'

The remaining 24% of UK companies surveyed feel that they are working well with their marketing agencies and that they are seeing satisfactory or positive results from their marketing campaigns.

Yet Online Marketing Is Most Effective Method of Marketing

Several studies have shown that when it comes to advertising methods, email marketing, online marketing, sms marketing, PPC and SEO are actually much more effective than traditional print, television or radio advertising.  

The thing is though, as with all types of marketing, the success of your campaign depends upon the experience of the people you are using to market your company. 

Almost anyone can set themselves up as a SEO expert or say that they can do PPC.  To be sure you are putting your marketing campaign in the right hands, you need to be sure that your marketer has experience and a proven track record in what they claim they can do. Our online marketers are experts in their fields and we can provide you with references and proof of previous successful campaigns. 

Don't be disappointed with your marketing - come to a professional and let us show you what good online marketing can do for your business! 

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