Press Releases

copywriting press releasesPress releases are often overlooked by new businesses, yet press releases are one of the most effective ways of gaining free publicity for your business. 

Journalists are always on the look out for news stories.  A well-written, interesting and well-pitched press release can bring lots of media attention for your company, your business or your product. 

The key to success with press releases is to have something newsworthy to write about and to pitch it to the right publication. 

Our copywriter has written many press releases for many different business in most industry sectors. Even if you don't think you've got anything newsworthy to talk about, we can find something and we can provide you with a targeted, well-written press release. 

The following press release was picked up by national and international newspapers and run word-for-word.  A great success for the client - lots of free publicity.  

Some examples of our press releases: