Online Marketing

If your business is online, the majority of your marketing needs to be done online too.  Berlin Web Studio has experts in every field of online marketing to help your site get the traffic it needs and the rankings it wants. 

Link Building

Link building is building links with sites within your sector or your special niche to improve the number of links back to your site.  It has nothing to do with SEO or Keywords.  It is about finding the right companies and sites to link to, and getting links from that site. 

It sounds simple, and it can be, but it can also be very time consuming.  For link building to be successful you need to identify the best sites relevant to you that would have visitors who could be interested in your site. 

At Berlin Web Studio, however, we are experts at developing and implementing successful Link Building Strategies. So if you want your website to achieve a strong position in your sector of the online marketplace, we can help.


Newsletters have been around for a long time now, but they are still a very effective way of attracting visitors to your site and to keep them coming back. 

For a newsletter to work, however, it must have a distinctive look, a distinctive feel and provide useful content for your readers. 

We have graphic designers who can design your own unique newsletter template and graphics. 

We have copywriters who have produced newsletters for many industries, who can provide you with interesting, unique and well-written content and we can provide you with a suitable newsletter distribution system to meet your needs. 

Reputation Management

Your reputation is priceless.  It is what makes you who you are.  It is, however, so easily destroyed.  One disgruntled ex-employee, one spammer or hacker and your online reputation can be badly tarnished. 

To keep your reputation as it should be, you need to constantly monitor search engine results for your company name and check web pages to make sure that nothing is being said about you that could damage your reputation.  This takes time; time you could be using in building your business.  

Our online reputation management service will constantly monitor the internet and search engine results for you and ensure that you have a good, online reputation.  We use 'white hat' techniques to ensure that spammers and malicious posts and comments are removed from the internet and to increase the amount of 'good' and 'positive' results that show up for your name.  

We offer both a pro-active preventative reputation management service as well as an emergency online reputation recovery service.

We keep all our clients' details confidential.

If you want to protect your online reputation, we can help.