Community Sites

When people think of community sites, the one that most frequently comes to mind is Facebook.  It is, after all, the most successful community site. 

But community sites do not have to be as big as Facebook to be a success.  Many other community sites are springing up to support the needs of their own, individual communites, groups or organisations.  One of our clients, Artisla ( for example, is a community site for artists and art lovers from around the world. 

The key to a successful community site is creating one that everyone can contribute to.  You might need a site where users can easily upload photos, scanned documents or images or one with a forum where people can exchange opinions, or one with an event diary so people can add details of local events.

At Berlin Web Studio we will build the perfect community website for you; a website that is easy to use, attractive to look at and that has all the features your community needs. We can supply it with a blog platform on Joomla or Wordpress, an event calendar and an easily updated gallery for your users as well as many other unique, community building features. 

We will take the time to find out exactly what you want your community website to do and we will deliver the perfect solution for you.