Multilingual Websites

webdesign multilingualAt Berlin Web Studio we know what it means to be global.  Our team spans Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Romania and India!  We know that the internet has made international trade easy and achievable for all.  For most of us, a single language website will suffice, but there are times when it makes sense to have your content in two or more languages.

We design multi-lingual websites that bear all the following in mind. 

Translation Issues.

Only a fluent language speaker can provide you with the correct translation for your site content.  It isn't just a matter of translating word for word, but also translating context, idioms and ideas in a way that makes the most sense.  

Layout Issues

Each country has its own set of expectations when it comes to website design and web layout.  If you want to succeed you need to ensure your site works within these local design expectations.

The layout of the text on your page will vary on the alphabet and writing system you need to use: Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Japanese or Chinese.

Cultural Issues

Dates are often expressed differently in different languages, as are addresses, times, weights and measures.  You also need to be careful when choosing product names, colours and images for your website as these can have different implications in different cultures.  A thumbs- up sign, for example, is incredibly offensive in many Middle Eastern countries!

At Berlin Web Studios we have the linguistic talent to create the perfect multilingual site for you.  We will ensure that your site is: 

  • Attractive
  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and
  • Search Engine Friendly in all the languages you need.