Non-Profit Websites

webdesign nonprofitAt Berlin Web Studio we have a good understanding of NGOs and non-profits.  Our founder is a volunteer for NGOs and has designed and installed many websites for NGOs and non-profits.   

We know that your NGO or non-profit website has to achieve a lot of things:

  • It needs to inform people of your NGO or non-profit
  • It has to encourage people to donate
  • It has to encourage people to volunteer
  • It needs to be search engine friendly
  • It needs to be easy to market digitally and socially

Plus it also has to be easy to use, for both visitor and staff, and easy to maintain in an office where you are usually short-staffed.

At Berlin Web Studio we will design a website for you that meets all these needs.  We can provide custom designed HTML/CSS driven websites or PHP driven content management systems such as Joomla and Wordpress.   

We will also install a donation management system for your site.  This system allows you to:  

  • Collect donations automatically
  • Keep track of campaigns
  • Set up dedicated campaigns
  • Keep a record of your volunteers, donors and sponsors
  • Enable your volunteers to create peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • Collect contact information from potential volunteers or donors

Plus we can also offer discounted professional quality web hosting for NGOs and non-profits through our sister site: